Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Starts Off with an Award

I can't believe that we're half-way through July. Where are the days going?

I just found out that Cracking the Code was awarded an Honorable Mention in Children's Books in the 2013 DIY Book Festival!

I've entered a few book contests - by the way, that's an excellent way to get your book out there, too. I highly suggest looking into contests once your book is published.

My boys are busy doing nothing and I'm glad to have the reprieve from our "school" routine. But just because their lollygagging doesn't mean I am! If you're in the Michigan area, I'll be signing books this Thursday at Unique Deals and Gifts 15374 Haggerty Rd, Northville from 6-8pm. I'm excited to meet other local vendors. Stop by and say, "Hi!" if you can. Next month I'll be at a water park (crazy place but filled with a ton of kids!). I doubt I'll be in a swimsuit, but I'll sure be drinking a lot of water. I'll be sure to post pics from the event.