Monday, January 23, 2012

My 2012 Goals

The end of 2011 really had me thinking about what I wanted as a writer and as a woman. I'd just started a new job for a non-profit and was unsure of my role. My job at the publisher was continuing as always, so no changes there. I was feeling very overwhelmed with life between two jobs (the non-profit especially because I loved it and it becoming more than I had ever thought possible), a husband, two kids, two dogs, a house that was consistently dirty, and a manuscript that was supposed to be finished. My wonderful agent was having no luck selling any of my manuscripts, and my self-published book had very slow sales.

Being a mother just makes me naturally want to take care of others. This is good and this is bad. The other people love that about me - especially since it spills over into other areas that have nothing to do with my family. But this is bad because I rarely have time to take care of myself.

2012 is the year of Kris taking care of herself.

Here are my 2012 goals:
1. Join a bible study (done)
2. Make my writing a priority
3. Only say "yes" to opportunities that I really want, not say "yes" because I feel I have to
4. Spend quality time with my husband and kids outside of sports (this will be hard!)
5. Meditate
6. Practice yoga
7. Forgive myself if I don't get everything done (another hard one!)
8. Cultivate the friendships I have that are meaningful to me
9. Remember to say "I love you" even to my friends
10. To not worry

I think the hardest one for me with be #3. I like to be involved and many times will volunteer for something or accept someone's request because I feel it's my "duty". That gets me in a lot of trouble - I end up doing things that I really don't want to. By giving myself permission to only say yes when I want to, I think the quality of my life, and of my family's, will increase.

There are several of us who are taking this pledge. To see the full list and to give encouragement throughout the year, please visit Sheri's blog.