Thursday, January 10, 2013

A fan?

Yesterday I met my very first "fan". It was so cute. I was at the rink speaking with her dad and she came  running up with this huge grin and started to talk. Now...her dad wasn't happy that she'd busted into our conversation, so he sent her away. I had no clue why she was so excited. About 20 minutes later, she walked calmly toward me with her mom, who introduced us. She was all smiles and said she loved the book, would read past when her mom told her to turn the lights out. I was thrilled.

We spent about ten minutes talking about the characters. I got a feel for which ones she liked and which ones she thought were weird. She said it was such a funny book and she couldn't wait to read more.

The thing that makes this even better in my eyes...the main character is a BOY! Wow...I hooked a girl...which was my total intention!