Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Have a Kindle? Read my book!

Cracking the Code: Spreading Rumors is now available as an ebook through Amazon. If you've got a Kindle, or the Kindle app, why not download a free sample to see if your 4th-6th grader would be interested in the story.

In more exciting news, Hondo Carpenter, journalist and Spartan Nation Radio host, wrote the following after reading my book to his third grade son:

As a journalist I get literally hundreds of authors who want me to review their books either on my TV or radio show or in print.  I always inform them that I have to read it first.  I can't endorse or recommend something I am not aware of.
If you are a, "Hockey family" this book is immediately in your wheel house.  Surprisingly if you aren't a hockey family, it fits just as perfectly in your family.  Lost in today's, "Everyone gets a trophy for playing" mentality is the great lessons that sports can teach kids.  Some of my greatest moments in life, both good and bad are wrapped up in sports.
Yankee does a superb job of weaving a tale not as much around hockey, but about life.  As soon as I read the book I gave it to my son and he loved it.  It takes a skilled author to be able to weave a tale that not only can entertain adults, but kids also.
Don't hesitate!  The fact you are reading this review says that it has your interest, so do your family a favor and buy this book!
Hondo S Carpenter, Sr.
January 2013
I was absolutely thrilled by his words! Thanks, Hondo!!