Monday, February 14, 2011

Moving on...Winter to Spring

When New Year's hits, I often feel like I've got a clean slate. I've got a whole year ahead of me filled with days that I haven't used up and aren't memories.

But when winter turns to spring (which I am optimistically hoping that will happen soon since that old groundhog predicted an early spring), I have a similar feeling, but it has more to do with writing.

I've noticed that if I'm not committed to a story during the months of December - February, I sort of flounder around, pretending to write, but not really accomplishing anything. Once we get to the end of February, beginning of March, my juices start to flow again.

I think it may be the anticipation of those early flowers, pushing their green little heads through the earth (and sometimes snow- I do live in Michigan and snow happens in March and sometimes April!), that get me going. Nature is such an inspiration to me, even though my current writings wouldn't show that at all. There's only so much "nature" in and around a hockey rink. But still, in my early days of writing for me (note, not for corporate America), I would sit in my front picture window, laptop on the ledge, me peering out at the flowers dancing in the wind when my fingers weren't flying over the keyboard.

I suppose I'm thinking about all of this because today is Valentine's day. We're half way through February and in about a month, the first day of spring will arrive. I try to be the optimist and believe that the first day of spring will be filled with white puffy clouds, blue skies, flowers popping up, and birdsong. But Michigan can never deliver those expectations.

Yet, today it reached to 40 degrees - a heatwave for this time of year - and the sky is blue with long, thin clouds. It gives me hope that spring will be here soon.

As for me pretending to write...well, I do have a story that I'm working on and working on and working on. It's sort of stuck at chapter 4, but I am committed to it and I know it will be finished. Not because spring is just around the corner and I'm inspired - but because I am inspired now and don't need spring. But don't tell the Universe that, okay? I really DO need spring.

What inspires you?