Saturday, March 12, 2011

The decision to self-publish

I am constantly amazed at my forward-thinking agent. She knows this business inside and out, and yet she thinks it's a good idea - while we wait for the publishers to get back to us on the stories that are on submission - that I go forward and seriously consider publishing an e-book.

I have to admit that the idea both excites and frightens me.

Publish it myself? No publisher? No nothing?

Well, there would be SOMETHING. I have contacts that are editors/proofers as well as cover designers. So, I feel confident that the product that I put out there would be in very good shape.

But still the idea is daunting. Will anyone buy what I write without having a publisher? There have been many stories lately of self-pubbed authors who are living their dreams, making money. A pretty well-known SP author is J. Konrath. If you're a writer, you know all about this guy. He's made a success of writing without a publisher. And, interestingly enough, he's been showcasing SP authors on his blog all month to show that he's not the only one out there living the dream, making some money.

I think there are many things that one needs to consider before stepping into this new publishing age. Luckily, my agent still believes that I can become a print author someday. I pray that she's correct and I'll continue to produce stories that I think people would like to read. But there it is... I need people to read them.

I told her that I was 10 years too late in the industry. I'm not getting any younger, and I feel that something needs to happen SOON. But since the publishing industry doesn't work on Kris Yankee Time, I guess I have to take GDC's advice and go for it. What will it hurt? The money I spend to produce the best product can be written off on next year's taxes at the very least.

So...the decision has been made. I'm going to do it! I will keep you posted on all the details. The first step is to get the file proofed. It's been edited and edited and edited to death. I think a great round of proofing with someone I trust will show me any weak spots. Then we're off to cover design and back cover blurb.

Any authors (or parents) out there want to do an endorsement for me? I'd love to include it on the Kindle page, as well as the other e-retailers I use. I'll post when I'm ready for that as well.

Well, wish me luck as I dive into this unknown aspect of publishing. Thanks to Jenyfer Matthews for talking me through this - you're a lifesaver CP!!