Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cover is being finalized for Saving Redwind

I'm so excited because the fabulous illustrator Jeff Covieo is done with the cover for my middle grade e-book, Saving Redwind: Book 1 in the Wallpaper Adventure series.

Woohoo!!! (Imagine my arms pumping in the air, but please look away from the jiggling that's going on - I really need to do some arm exercises!)

And because I'm so close, I'm going to share with you the back cover summary just to entice you into wanting more. Here it is:

All eleven-year-old Nick Stevenson wants is an adventure like his dad’s. Oh, and for the creepy ceiling in his new bedroom to stop storming and spinning. When he’s asked to help save a world that exists inside his bedroom’s wallpaper, Nick thinks he’s found his very own adventure. But he has no idea it will involve talking rocks, dream-stealing birds, and becoming friends with wizards. Can Nick save Redwind and his new friends before his mom calls him home for hockey practice?

Once I get the lettering done, the book will be uploaded to Amazon where you can download a sample chapter and hopefully decide you like it so much, you want it all to yourself!

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