Monday, May 16, 2011

It's you know where your story is?

How many of you write every day?

I wish I had that luxury. I say luxury because right now, it's a luxury for me when I can set aside a good block of time to write. I have to say, "Today I'm writing. No working. No answering emails. No phone calls." I can't write for an hour and then go about other business. My brain does not work that way.

I can't write every day either. I have other obligations to attend to daily. Perhaps someday it will just be me and my writing. Oh, and housework. Ugh. But for now, I try to spend 1-2 days during the week writing. Once hockey is over (which is this week), my weekends are freer, so I can write on Saturdays.

When I don't write every day, I have to review what I've already written. This has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is that I'll edit what I've written. Usually by the time I'm done with a project, I'll only have to do one hard edit and one soft edit. (Hard edit is a printout, soft edit is after I've input all of my hard edits, then I do a re-read on screen.)

The biggest con is that I have to get myself back into the story. Most of the time that isn't hard for me to do. Occasionally, I have to work at it.

Those who have read this blog before will notice I use the phrase "word chunks" - that's when the words come out in fits and spurts, chunky. I sometimes experience word chunks in the beginning of a new writing day. If it continues, I stop. The words aren't flowing. I hate word chunks.

So...what about you write every day?