Monday, June 27, 2011

MC Blogfest continuing for me!

Like I mentioned on Friday, there were two characters just banging on the door to be interviewed. And because I don't like conflict that much, I agreed to interview TK (aka Toby Karlson). TK is just back from fifth grade camp, so he's a little bit tired, but just as excited. Please give a warm welcome to Toby Karlson of TK's Hockey Rules for Life!

TK: I'm so happy to be here. Thanks for including me.

Mrs. Y: I'm glad you could make it. Are you exhausted from camp?

TK: Just a little. But I appreciate you thinking of me. (Puts head down, acting like he's shy)

Mrs. Y: Umm..what's up with this new attitude? Before camp you were all gung-ho and in my face. Telling me all about your hockey team, your best friend Drew, and how you loved ruling the school.

TK: (blushes) Yeah, well, stuff happened before I left for camp that really made me look at things differently.

Mrs. Y: All right. That's a good segue into our first question - what's your greatest fear?

TK: Segue? You mean that motorized thing you stand on?

Mrs. Y.: (Laughs) No, it's a smooth transition from one topic to another. So, what's your greatest fear?

TK: Oh, okay, sorry. I know it's not being kicked out of the cool group. Done that already and survived. And not having the only kid talking to me be the smartest kid in the school. Done that too. Actually gained a friend who I never thought would be one. Maybe it's that once I finally get over to middle school, the secretary will be there and every day I'll be reminded of what I did.

Mrs. Y.: I'm going to mix up the questions here because I think you've given us another perfect segue. What's your biggest regret?

TK: You would think that being only in fifth grade I'd wouldn't know how to answer this question. But before camp, I was sort of involved in an incident. (He puts up his hands defensively.) YOU know it wasn't my fault I hipchecked the district's oldest living secretary, but EVERYONE else thought I did it on purpose. But worst of all when my best friend Drew wouldn't even come clean, I didn't treat him very nicely. So, I guess that's my biggest regret.

Mrs. Y: It's a good lesson to learn. But what about your greatest accomplishment--AND please don't include winning any hockey trophies. I know you have a lot. I want you to tell us something about YOU.

TK: (Snaps fingers and scrunches his lips together) Dang it...I have some pretty sweet trophies, but I get it. I do. Hmm...well, I'd have to say I feel pretty darn good about getting Drew to admit to his oldest brother that he's afraid of his other brother - which really was the reason for the hipcheck to the secretary. But can I say one thing about hockey? Please??!?! (pleading and begging uncontrollably).

Mrs. Y: Of course. You know how we feel about hockey here.

TK: Thanks, Mrs. Y! You're the best. (huge grin) Okay, so another accomplishment is that I've learned so much playing hockey for the last four, five years, that I think I'm becoming a better person. I mean, I know that I shouldn't hipcheck little old ladies, that arguing with the ref won't get me a dance trophy, and that sometimes taking one for the team means putting your head in the toilet. What I'm trying to say is that I can relate the rules I've learned playing the game to my life off the ice. Hope that makes sense.

Mrs. Y: It does to me, and if one of those publishers who has TK's Hockey Rules for Life ever decides that they must have it for their list, everyone will know what you're talking about.

TK: Yeah, well they'd be---(standing up and getting way overexcited)

Mrs. Y: (interrupting quickly) Thanks for stopping by, TK.

TK: Yeah, I get it.(nodding over and over) Thanks, Mrs. Y!

So there you have it. Hopefully someday you'll all get to learn more about TK.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. He sounds like a typical a5th gr. boy, with all his concerns about being cool, and being wrongly accused. He must be fun to write about and with.

  2. Thanks, Susan. He really is fun to hang with!


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