Monday, June 6, 2011

Woohoo...a new BlogFest!

I just saw this over at Sheri's website - it's another blog fest from Alex Cavanaugh. The idea is that you blog about 3 games you enjoy. I'll do like Sheri did and choose the games that reflect the genres I write in.

For picture books, I have to say that I loved Barrel Full of Monkeys. I mean, who didn't love stacking those monkeys to see how far they could hang from the barrel which was on the edge of a table?

Hmm...for middle grade, I guess I have to choose hide and seek on bikes. I used to bike all over my grandma's neighborhood with my friends trying to lose or find them. There were no cell phones then, so it took us a long time to find everyone. That was a lot of fun!

As an adult, I like playing the Wii even though I don't do it a lot. Favorite games are Guitar Hero (any of them), Just Dance, and some of the other fitness games.

Which games did you play as a child or are still playing?