Friday, June 24, 2011

MC Blogfest TODAY!

I'd seen a few weeks ago over at Elizabeth Mueller's blog that she was hosting a blogfest about getting to know our main characters. I thought that this was a fantastic idea. She has 3 questions that the main character needs to answer. They are:
  1. What is your greatest fear?
  2. What is your biggest accomplishment?
  3. What is your biggest regret?
Since I've got two main characters who are bugging me to chat with you all, I'm going to post one today and another on Monday.

I'd like to introduce to you Nick Stevenson. Nick's eleven and is the main character of Saving Redwind. Please give him a round of applause!

Nick S.: Thanks, Mrs. Yankee! I'm glad to be here. So, you've got some questions for me? Hope they aren't too hard. This is summer and I didn't expect a test.

Kris Y.: I'm sure you'll do fine. The first question is, what is your greatest fear?

Nick: That's easy; SPBMs for sure. Or, maybe it was the Dream Birds. No...wait!! (pointing in the air) It had to be Sartung! That dude was NASTY.

Kris: Whoa, slow down. You need to explain yourself. Not everyone knows what SPBMs, Dream Birds, or who Sartung is at this point.

Nick: Why not? (scrunching his nose up and looking quite distraught)

Kris: Well, they may not have read the book yet. Just tell us about  your fears.

Nick: They are missin' out for sure. Anyway, SPBM stands for Stay Puft Boulder Men. They are these huge boulder dudes who live in Keyra Forest. They pretty much like to crush everything that comes in their path. They taller than a couple of hockey sticks put end to end, and when they walk the whole ground shakes. (shaking himself). They really scared me when I went over to Redwind the first time.

Kris: Sounds frightening.

Nick: They were, but in the end not so much. But you have to read the book to know why.

Kris: All right, now what about these Dream Birds. I've never heard of that.

Nick: Yeah, they don't exist here in our world. Or at least I don't think they do. (looking over shoulders). Anyway, these really pretty blue and yellow birds look innocent enough until they land on your shoulder.

Kris: What happens then?

Nick: They start singing their mesmerizing tune while picking you up. It's crazy because these birds look like they weigh five pounds, but they can actually grab onto your shirt and carry like almost a hundred pounds! As their song gets stuck in your head, you'll start thinking about one of the best times in your life. You may even smell something - like I smelled chocolate chip cookies! I totally thought my mom was baking. (nodding with wide eyes). But she wasn't! She wasn't even there.

Kris: Then what happens?

Nick: It didn't exactly happen to me, but my friend Jacob told me all about it. When the Dream Birds were near me, I started thinking about this one time I spent with my dad. He was home, which isn't very much, and we were doing something with his new camera. I was really happy because he was there. (smiles). But Jacob told me that if I kept on thinking while the Dream Birds were touching me, they'd steal that memory from me. And, man, I don't have a lot of those with my dad since he's always gone. I swatted those darn birds off of me as hard as I could and ran away!

Kris: Sounds scary! What about this Sartung person?

Nick: (shudders) Sartung is the ultimate creepy idiot of Redwind. He wants to rule the land and be king or something. He's a wizard, so he's way crafty. His powers are super strong and he can trick almost the entire nation. He's mean and scary and all-around a bad dude. He gets the SPBMs to work for him, so you know that's a bad combination.

Kris: Wow! You're lucky you survived. Now, what about your greatest accomplishment?

Nick: Really? (cocky stance) Isn't it in the title?

Kris: I suppose...let's go to the final question-what's your greatest regret?

Nick: Hmmm...this is a hard one. I mean, I don't regret that I helped my new friends. But I do feel bad that I didn't tell my mom where I was going each time I flew through the wallpaper. And, I was sorta mean to my little sister. But that's what they're here for, right? (Kris shakes "no"). Well, that's probably it.

Kris: Thanks for stopping by, Nick.

If you'd like to learn more about Nick, SPBMs, Dream Birds, and Sartung, please check out Saving Redwind!

On Monday, I'll interview Toby Karlson of TK's Hockey Rules for Life.