Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rachael Harrie'sThird Writers' Platform-Building Campaign

Over at the FB group, Writers Support 4U!, I saw a post about a really cool online concept about building your online platform. I clicked over to Rachael Harrie's blog and found the page to sign up. But before I signed up, I popped over to this blog post to read more about the campaign, which used to be called a "crusade".

Basically, this is all about networking and learning more about your fellow bloggers. But the best (!!!!) is that there will be blogfests - and you know how much I LOVE blogfests.

So, I'm joining. I can't wait to hang out with fellow MG/YA writers, sharing stories, making cyber-memories, and above all, knowing that I'm not the only MG/YA writer out there.

I dare you to click over and join. Oh, and it's for all writers, not just MGers and YAers.

C'mon...you know you want to!