Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome Author Laynie King!

Today I'm so happy to welcome children's author, Laynie King, to the locker room. I made sure to clean it all up and light a few vanilla scented candles to get rid of the gross smell. that the mood is all set, Laynie, take it away!!
If there was ONE thing you could do differently in your writing career, what would it be?

I would have started earlier and taken myself more seriously.  It took me a long time to realize that some child other than my own might like to read my stories.  Fine-tuning them and publishing on Amazon was a big step for me.  (And I have my husband to thank for a very hearty push in the right direction.)  If I’d taken that step a few years back, I’d have more steps left in front of me!
Between Amazon, CreateSpace, and SmashWords, which (in your opinion) is easier to use?  Which is more successful for you?

I'm published on Amazon Kindle and I'm going to stay with them for the long run.  I've looked seriously at CreateSpace and SmashWords.  I believe at this point, I'm going with SmashWords, as soon as I can take that next big step - formatting.  The learning curve looks pretty steep, but I believe I can do it.  I'm not completely computer illiterate.  (Don't ask my sons about that.)

How do you divide up the hours in a typical day?

I tend to do most of the ‘business’ of writing in the morning.  The sun wakes me up very early…our bedroom windows face east across a canyon to an enormous ranch, and we have no drapes to block the view.  That’s when I check the social networks and do my blog.  Working on the stories themselves happens whenever inspiration strikes.  That’s one advantage of being retired.  I can go to my desk just about any time and work on a new idea.  I do get up in the middle of the night, from time to time, with notebook and pen in hand.  I sit in the library (where the cats are trying unsuccessfully to sleep) and jot down ideas that are keeping me awake.  I try not to do that very often…the sun comes up way too early on those mornings!

Do you have any hobbies...other than writing, that is?

I’ve been knitting since I was nine years old and can’t seem to stop.  Presently I’m knitting blankets that are given to abused children who come through a local service organization. Recently I became interested in Pyrography (wood burning).  I entered a few woodburned projects in the County Fair (doesn’t that sound ‘rural?’) and one of them won a blue ribbon!  I simplified my life; now I’m easily gratified!

My family thinks I should find a hobby that will be a moneymaker…I’ve yet to find that magical hobby!  Seems that the materials and labor are always more cost-intensive than the general public is willing to pay.  Hmm, sounds like being an author, huh?

If I had my life to live over, I’d choose an extremely lucrative career and stick with it long enough to retire early, then start a ‘second life’ with my writing and hobbies. 

Why do you write? 

I tried keeping a journal/diary and found it to be boring.  I’ve always been a liar, although I prefer to be thought of as an embellisher.  My dad would tell me that I had an overactive imagination.  So, I applied my overactive embellishments to life in general and came up with some pretty darn good stories.  Next thing I know…I’m a writer!

Kris, thanks for having me on your blog.  I appreciate being able to tell you about myself and my book series.  Moochie Mockingbird was invented about 20 years ago, when my children were in elementary school.  I wrote a short story that ended up in the school library.  I wish I could have it was awful.  Over the years, I added other stories which were equally bad. After studying writing (and scrapping everything I'd previously written),  I took advantage of the Amazon Kindle phenomenon, and I'm now published, selling, and soon-to-be in print. 

Laynie's children's story, 
Palo Duro Panic 
Moochie Mockingbird Tales: Book Three
is available at Amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Laynie! We've learned a lot about you. Who knew that she was into wood burning?!?! I think that's pretty A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! I wouldn't be able to do that in my house - those boys would want to try and would probably burn the house down! Kidding aside, what is truly AWESOME is Laynie knitting blankets for abused kids. Kudos to you, Laynie!!

Here's another AWESOME thing: one lucky commenter will win a copy of her story, Palo Duro Panic, Moochie Mockingbird Tales: Book Three. Leave a comment below and you'll be entered. Good luck!

On Wednesday, I'll be hijacking---uh, visiting Laynie's blog. I'm answering questions over there. I promise there won't be any fish eye stories.