Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for ... Fun

When I originally thought up my A to Z list topics, I imagined that I would be talking about how each character needs to have some sort of fun within the story line. But as the days have gone on and after visiting many blogs, I realized that wasn't really my topic for today.

F is for fun for the writer. If you aren't having fun while you're writing, will your reader?

Now, fun means many things to each of us. I guess my idea of having fun while I write can be any one of the following:
  • enjoying the storyline
  • enjoying the characters
  • not getting an enormous headache after a bout of writing
  • still enjoying the story/characters after I've written 20k words
  • still wanting to write more after I've reached 20k words
  • looking forward to my writing time
  • the fact that the words flow out each time I write
That last one - flowing words - really is my way of knowing how much fun I'm having with a particular project. If the words flow out steadily, I'm completely committed and know I will finish. If the words come out in chunks, well...let's hope it's not a story that an editor has requested a full!

How do you have fun with your writing? What triggers let you know that the fun has stopped?