Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for ... Hockey (of course!)

What a surprise, right? Not really if you know me.

Let me tell you a story... I come from hockey players. My dad played, my older sister played, my brother get the drift. None of them professional, although my dad did play on the practice squad for the Red Wings back when Gordy Howe was on the team. Anyway, my nephew started to play and my older son was enamored with watching his games. My husband and I finally relented and signed HockeyBoy up for Learn to Skate-Hockey. Well, it's been years and thousands of dollars since then, and HB is still going strong.

So, I spend a lot of time immersed in youth hockey. We're at the rink 2-3 times a week (sometimes more during the fall/winter season) and we're always researching/talking/complaining about hockey. Tryout seasons are not a fun place at my house.

We also watch a lot of hockey - either Red Wings, Plymouth Whalers, University of Michigan. You get the idea. Sometimes when one of our teams isn't playing, we'll find another game on just to watch. I know, it's a sickness.

It could be worse - I have friends who have 2 or 3 players in their families. Those are true hockey lovers! Although I would love for our other son to play, it doesn't bother me too much that he doesn't. :P

When I heard that whole line, write what you know, it seemed fitting that my main characters would play hockey. I helps that I love the sport and have a bit of knowledge about it.

Do you have central themes that exist in all of your books? Or do you enjoy reading books that revolve around a specific topic?