Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for ... Quandary

I'm in a quandary today because I'm not exactly sure what to write for Q. It could be because of these two:
Should I play or should I write? Jack, the older dog, isn't too sure about Hank, the new puppy. Hopefully he'll get used to Hank soon.

I'm also in a Quandary because this isn't working:

Now my cold is pretty much full blown and I feel like I need to sleep 10 hours a day, plus my regular nighttime sleeping. Should I sleep or should I write?

And, it's Spring Break in my house, but we aren't here, so...

Should I hop a plane to a sunny local or should I write?
I think if that were my real quandary, there'd be no question which one I'd pick....write at the sunny local of course!

What's your quandary today?