Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for ... Adventure

Today's the first day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Over 950 bloggers have committed to blog each day (Monday through Saturday) about a topic starting with a letter of the alphabet. Since today's the first day, we start at A.

So, are any of you surprised that I chose Adventure for A? I felt like I sort of had to because of the name of my blog. But more so because, for me, adventure is the one of the keys to writing middle grade chapter books. Kids between 9 and 12 are learning to step outside of their comfort zones. They don't always need to hold their parents' hand. They are beginning to believe that there is life outside of their home territory. This is where a sense of adventure truly begins. They are old enough to play outside without having a watchful eye on them, and they are testing their bounds of freedom.

Adventures can come in the way of creating new imaginary games or having the ability to finally ride their bikes around the block with only their friends. Maybe it's being able to go to a laser tag birthday party without their Mom or Dad hanging around in the lobby. Or it could be spending the night for the first time at a school friend's house. Still, an adventure could be the responsibility of now having a cell phone.

Since kids grow and mature at different rates, the word adventure means something different to each age. Because of this, the storylines for kids this age are endless. As long as the writer remembers that life during these years are filled with new and exciting adventures, the reader will most likely come back for more.

What sort of adventures do you remember having as a kid?