Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for ... Ice Hockey Mom

Sheri Larsen and I tailgating here at our blogs and talking about being an Ice Hockey Mom (and YES, some hockey parents tailgate before their child's games. I've seen it, have been a part of it (once or twice), and am not ashamed to say it was fun.) Anyway, now I've only got one who plays, but Sheri has practically a whole offensive line (3 +1) playing.

Ice Hockey Moms spend a lot of time thinking, living, worrying, etc. hockey. If our kid isn't on a team, we're trying to figure out which tryouts to go to - don't talk to me during the second half of March or the second half of July. If we're thinking of making a move to another team, those are the months that we're figuring out which tryouts to go to. Once on the team, we can be at the rink up to 4 times a week between practices and games. I have to admit here that my husband takes our son to practices more often than I, and I don't mind it (thanks, honey!) There's always a sense of worry, even before the kids start checking. Hockeyboy has had one hockey-related concussion. The older the players get, the rougher the play. That's just part of hockey, but it doesn't make my hair any less grayer!

I'm proud to be an Ice Hockey Mom and my experiences with it always bleed into my writing.

 Is there a part of you that has become a part of your writing?